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1st Application

both eyes



(both eyes, every 3-4 weeks)


Innovative and revolutionary, the Miscencil line of products gives you a glamorous look without any disappointing risks!

You benefit from permanent eyelashes that are longer, thicker and safe for your natural eyelashes.

Misencil eyelashes are soft, comfortable and waterproof.

Our method meets the requirements and needs of all women who care not only about their appearance but also their safety.

During a consultation session, you fill out a questionnaire and the technician, with your help, determines the curve, the thickness, the colour and the length of your eyelashes and the shape of the extension (natural or sophisticated) that you want. Once the extensions are applied, you will receive an official document explaining how to care for them.

Questions that you’re asking yourself?

The other brands advertise semi-permanent eyelashes. Why does Misencil use the term permanent eyelashes?

Eyelashes, like hair, grow and fall out. We lose on average between 10 and 15 per month. When the extensions come unglued and fall off before the eyelash falls out, the term “semi-permanent” applies. However, if the eyelash extension remains perfectly in place during the life of the eyelash (an average of 60 days), the term “permanent” is used.

How are eyelash extensions applied?

When done by a Misencil technician, the application of eyelash extensions is relaxing, painless and risk-free. You will lie down with your eyes closed. The individual eyelash extensions will be applied directly to your natural eyelashes without any contact with the skin. In order to protect your eyes, the Misencil technician will apply Coenzyme Q10 anti-wrinkle patches. In additional to a glamorous look, your features will be immediately smoother, rested and the area around the eye will be brightened.

How long does the application take and how long do Misencil extensions last?

A complete application takes about 1.5 hours: the result is immediate and spectacular. At last, you will have longer and thicker eyelashes! Moreover, natural eyelashes have an average life cycle of 60 days. Because new eyelashes are constantly growing, it is necessary to have touch-ups approximately every 3-4 weeks in order to maintain the desired lash thickness. Each touch-up to replace the eyelashes that have fallen out naturally takes about 30 minutes.

Will my natural eyelashes be damaged?

This new technique does not damage your eyelashes because the extensions are applied lash by lash, using glue specially developed for eyelash extensions.

I have had extensions using another method and my eyelashes made clumps… they didn’t hold… why?

The quality of the training: The key to a successful application is training. All of our Misencil technicians are certified after they have been trained and have proven their competence with pictures of their work. They receive training in hygiene and safety and practice on live models. The Misencil application method is approved by Health Canada.

Glue quality: This glue is a water-resistant acrylic resin that quickly polymerizes and binds. In medicine, it is very efficient to glue body tissue, for example during surgery without stitches. This type of glue is also used for opthalmologic surgery. Our training is specifically adapted. Our blend is especially adapted for eyelash extensions.

The quality of the eyelashes: Individually applied Misencil eyelashes remain in place. Every Misencil eyelash is coated with a micro-texture for improved adherence. Moreover, the exclusive pre-curved Ellipse eyelashes follow the shape of the natural lash and open up the eyes.

Product qualities: Because only Misencil offers a complete line of cosmetic products specially created for eyelash extensions, daily care will help your permanent eyelashes last longer.

How do I care for my Misencil Extensions: Your eyelashes fall out naturally, just like your hair. Several factors can affect the life span of your lashes.

  • Misencil lashes require a minimum of care: you must use oil-free products for your eyes (eye shadow, make-up remover…). This can affect how well your extensions hold. You must use Misencil Natural Cleansing Gel.
  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for 48 hours after the application or a touch-up.
  • Do not use “waterproof” mascara. After 48 hours, use Misencil mascara for an extreme effect.
  • Do not use a lash curler, do not perm or dye your Misencil eyelashes.
  • Do not pull or rub your extensions


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