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Hair Extentions

Doesn’t it seem as though more people, especially celebrities are able to grow their hair overnight? The
reason behind this is not through some fad shampoo or spray for your hair to make it grow quicker, the
answer lies in one of the biggest hair trends we have seen for a while, hair extensions. It is thanks to the
use of hair extensions that anyone is now able to have long, luscious locks. However before you go and
book your appointment you might want to think about what you want them applied for and what type of
extensions you want.

Let’s go back to when hair extensions first hit our  scene. They first appeared in the 1980’s, however
when they first appeared they didn’t stick around long  as they were merely written off as being a fad. When
you look at the type of extensions that were around  in the 1980’s however it is easy to see why this
happened. They were of poor quality, generally being made up of synthetic materials, which you couldn’t
style correctly and that rarely matched your natural  colour or hair texture. 20 years later however and this
‘fad’ comes roaring back onto the style and beauty  scene.
Over the past years it was hard not to read a  magazine or newspaper that didn’t feature pictures of
celebrities with fabulous looking long locks. Some of  these celebrities included Victoria Beckham, Jennifer
Aniston, Katie Price, Mischa Barton and Kate  Beckinsale. It seems that pretty much most
celebrities have experimented with extensions at  some point, but what is the extension of choice for
many of these celebrities? One of the most popular  are great lengths.
Spahara’s hair extensions are made up of 100%  human hair which is ethically sourced. This is important to the quality of the hair as it prevents the hair
from becoming tangled. But the way in which the hair is sourced is only one aspect that makes this form  of extension one of the most popular with celebrities as well as one of the most popular on the market;
another reason is the way in which they are attached. Spahara’s method does not include glue or string  to attach the hair (this is damaging). Instead real human hair in strands of 5-10 are crimped into the
natural hair lines, no glue, no damage to your hair. The approach is seamless, painless and results in a  beautiful outcome.
The hair extensions generally last between three and six months and prices for it can range depending  on how much texture and length you want to be added. The hair extensions are available to match pretty
much any hair colour and type and are versatile enough to be styled in any way to match your natural  locks. If you are debating having hair extensions applied then I highly recommend that you look make sure that
you book a consultation with your Spahara stylist so that you can discuss everything you need to know about extensions before having them applied.

5 Benefits of Hair Extensions:

1. Add colour without dying your hair
2. Add length
3. Add volume
4. Cover split ends
5. Grow your natural hair out


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Hair Extentions

Doesn't it seem as though more people, ...



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